We believe that the Salers-cross female has more to offer a commercial cowherd in terms of efficiency than any other crossbreeding option available. To get the details on why this is true, click here.....

The GENETIC PARTNERS SALERS INFLUENCE COMMERCIAL FEMALE SALE offers an opportunity to put outstanding Salers-cross female genetics into your cowherd. We have teamed up with some of our most progressive bull customers to bring an outstanding offering of Salers-cross bred females and heifer calves. Early consignments show about 400 bred heifers along with 240 heifer calves.

The sale will be held at Napoleon Livestock Auction in Napoleon, ND on Monday, January 11 2016. You can view and bid online by going to www.napoleonlivestock.com and clicking on the live auction button where you will be directed to the cattleusa.com auction site. If you would like to bid online, you will need to apply for approval prior to the sale.

A catalog of the consignments is available both online and in print. If you would like a printed copy of the sale catalog or would like to discuss the consignments, please send Will an email or give him a call at (701) 255-6096 (home) or (701) 471-1992 (cell).
The Salers Cow - Master of Efficient Beef Production
The Salers cow is a master of efficient beef production. Click the picture to learn more about how Salers-cross females can increase the efficiency of your cowherd.

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