Trumpet Instruction

Drum Instruction

Matt Putz, Ed.D.

Matt is a multi-instrumentalist (piano, trumpet, drums, bass, Electronic Valve Instrument), vocalist, and music educator with over 30 years of professional performance and teaching experience. Matt has mentored and led musicians in worship bands and church choirs since 1995, including over a decade as a full-time worship pastor. As a trumpet player, he won the 1990 MTNA National High School Brass Competition and was runner-up in the 1992 MTNA National Collegiate Brass Competition, as well as performing extensively as a soloist and ensemble member for many years. Matt’s Doctorate in Education is from Nova Southeastern University, his Bachelor of Music Education is from the University of North Dakota, and his Master of Divinity is from North American Baptist Seminary.

Lesson FAQs

What kinds of music lessons do you offer?  I teach drumset and trumpet. I also provide basic piano instruction for drummers who need some keyboard experience in their school setting in order to play marimba/xylophone/etc.

What ages do you teach?  I work with music students from first grade through adult.

Will you teach students more than one instrument at a time? Definitely. For example, if you want to play drums at your school, but they're requiring a year of piano first, I'm happy to split time between both of them. Or if you lead worship at your church and you want to take a week off from your drum or piano lessons to work on your singing, I'm happy to do that. I'm flexible if you can stay focused.

How do you teach drum students?  I primarily work with beginning and intermediate drum students, although I also work with advanced/professional drum students interested in band leadership, DAW programming, and other advanced aspects of music direction. I teach the snare drum rudiments, limb independence, basic grooves, theory, and other concepts that are fundamental to all styles of drum set playing.

How do you teach trumpet students?  I work with beginning, intermediate, and advanced/professional trumpet players. I teach the classical techniques, theory, and repertoire that are fundamental to all styles of trumpet playing. I can also help interested students prepare for success in jazz settings. Intermediate and advanced students will especially benefit from my significant trumpet performance and competition experience.

What are your expectations for practice?  I expect beginning students to commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of practice, five days per week. Intermediate and advanced students typically put in more time than that because they have already discovered how fun it is! Similar to school homework, parental involvement and support during student practice time is especially important for young beginners.

Do you hold recitals?  I don’t, but I strongly encourage students to find a place where they can play their instrument as regularly as possible with other people, including school or church groups and self-organized music groups. I'm also happy to help students prepare for festival or competition performances as well as All-State or other music auditions.

How are lessons scheduled? Do I need to commit to a certain number of lessons ahead of time?  Lessons are scheduled weekly. I recommend 30-minute lessons for beginners, and 45-minute lessons for more advanced players, but you may choose the length of lesson you prefer regardless. Lessons are grouped into four-month sessions (January - April, May - August, September - December), and I require a one-session (four-month) commitment. First-time students may choose to exit after one month if they wish with no additional obligation. I will take on students mid-session if there are available slots. Single lessons are available for advanced/professional players - contact me for rates.

Where do you teach?  I give lessons in my home studio on the southern end of Blaine, MN (close to County Road J and 35W).

What about make-up lessons or scheduling changes?  Because each session has 17 weeks (not counting the week between Christmas and New Year's), and because my pricing is based on a 16-lesson session, I will often cancel one lesson during each session. If I have to cancel more than one lesson for any reason, I will issue a refund or reduce the next month's charge as appropriate. I don't typically reschedule lessons that students miss, and I don't refund students for missed lessons except in extreme circumstances (significant illness, family funerals, etc.). If you know ahead of time that you need a "custom" session length because of a pre-scheduled vacation or other scheduling conflict, please let me know and we'll work something out.

What do lessons cost?  30-minute packages cost $125 per month ($500 per 4-month session) and 45-minute packages cost $165 per month ($660 per 4-month session)

How does payment work?  You are free to pre-pay for the entire session, or to pay one month at a time. I use Paypal to send an invoice one week prior to the first lesson of each month, and payment is due prior to that first lesson. I accept Venmo, Zelle, any major credit card that Paypal accepts, cash, or check if you prefer. Unfortunately, I cannot teach a lesson if that month's payment has not been made.

What equipment and resources will I need that are not covered by my lesson fee?  You will be responsible to acquire your own instrument, accessories, and music books. Please contact me for the most updated recommended list for your instrument.

EVI Audio Tracks

This probably requires explanation.

Yes, all of these recordings are me. No, I don't actually play clarinet, oboe, contrabassoon, cello, French horn, or any of the other instruments you'll hear. I used to play trumpet very well until a nerve injury at the age of 20 ended that part of my music career.

My Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) is like a musical prosthetic for me, and I recorded these tracks with it, played live with no additional MIDI editing.


I'm available for both live and recording sessions on the following emulated instruments: